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P Cell

Secret to fill the skin to be smooth, soft, moist, pleasant to the touch P Cell Solution Essence, an innovative skin rejuvenation from the inside out with a mixture of HA + DHA from salmon.

P cell

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This is an innovative compound of low-molecular weight DNA fragments that features dramatically increased skin and tissue penetration rate compared to existing PDRN products by reducing the molecular weight of PDRN extracted from salmon sperm to less than 1,000 Da with RNA isolation technology. These DNA fragments have anti-inflammatory and tissue regeneration effects.

This product is combined with hyaluronic acid (HA) that attracts water molecules in the skin to give volume and moisture to the skin. It is a Skin Booster that simultaneously realizes immediate skin improvement and water-gloss effect on aging skin.

P Cell Solution Essence 2.jpg


P Cell soothing and relieving damaged skin from UV rays.png

Helps to soothing and relieving damaged skin from UV rays

P Cell improve wrinkles.png

Helps to improve wrinkles

Helps with skin elasticity

Helps to improve skin texture

Helps to enhance moisturizing

Helps to increase dermal thickness and density


  • Rough and dry skin

  • Damaged skin

  • Skin with many fine lines

  • Aging skin


  • 5vial X 3ml

Instructions for use

P Cell  intructions for use
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